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Lazy or Busy? Get fit in 20 minutes per week! Fit in 20 is a fitness studio that allows you to get a full body workout using the Miha body tech. Achieve all your training goals now with the help of qualified staff. Get your dream body and supercharge your fitness in just 1 to 2 sessions a week.

1 on 1 Training

One on one workout: Personalized workout with qualified staff

Great, Fast Results

Get results in no time: high quality workout and efficient results

Less Money Paid

Paying less and getting more: 50% less money paid compared with PT

Saves 8x More Time

Lazy people’s workout: get fit in 20 minutes once per week



Made in Germany. Founded in 2007, Miha bodytec GmbH has its origins in miha Maschinen GmbH, which has developed and manufactured innovative products for the sport and medical industries for more than 40 years.

Miha bodytec is the only form of training that increases maximum performance by means of improved speed of motion.

An increase in performance capacity was generally observed, occurring in 84% of the participants.

Maximum strength already increased 17% after 4 training units.

71% of participants showed a significant improvement in endurance.

Strength-endurance training values rose by as much as 108% after just 12 training units.

After just 4 weeks of training, maximum performance rose by as much as 30%.

Contraction speed rose by an average of 22%. The explosive power of the hard-to-train deep trunk musculature even rose by up to 74%.

The values that were measured underscore the fact that whole body EMS is up to 40% more intensive than traditional strength training with weights.



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